Feldreth Factions

This page will provide a list and short description of the various factions on Feldreth as well as links to in detail descriptions of these factions. 

Human Factions:‚Äč

The Baccus Empire is the South-Eastern most nation stretching from the great Arvose river on their Western boarder to the coastline in the East and the Great Goblin Marsh beyond their Northern boarder. Sarleon past their Western boarder is their main opponent due to the Ravenstern in the North being confined to their sky cities. However, the Empire does have to deal with goblin, orc, ogre tribes raiding their Northern boarders from time to time.  

The Kingdom of Ravenstern used to be a powerful nation being in the middle of the continent and having complete control of the Great Ledroverik river that runs from the Eastern coast to nearly  the Western before draining into the Arvose river. Their decline came when the goblin, orc, and ogre tribes united against them in defense of the Ravenstern persecution. The tribes invaded from both sides of the river and forced Ravenstern to take their three capitol cities to the skies. The Ravenstern hasn't been able to mount a successful strike back, growing weaker as the tribes continue to breed and grow. 

The Vaegirs had the best archers in the eleven kingdoms as well as superb shock infantry however, they lacked severely when it came to defense. Their infantry largely comprised of two handed weapons and far to few shield bearers. This style forced the Vaegirs to stay on the offensive, a tactic that ultimately led to their demise. Their constant attacks against their boarder nations, the Fierdsvain and the Swadian (the Swadian would be replaced by the Rhodok after their fall), pushed the Fierdsvains hand into developing the tactics nessisary to defeat them. The Fierdsvain flanked the Vaegirs archer lines with sneaky troop maneuvering in several large battles. With the loss of their greatest asset, their primarily shieldless infantry fell like cattle to the slaughter to the Fierdsvains ranged attacks. The Vaegirs territory ranging from the Arvose river to their East, Rhodoks to the south in Swadias old territory, and the Great Mountain Chain to the North got absorbed by the fierdsvain who made up their Western boarder. 

The Khergit Khanate is one of two nomadic horse peoples who got absorbed into the D'Shar Principalities relatively shortly after the splitting of the nations. The D'Shar offered riches and status to the nobles of this smaller nation state for their surrender and absorption. The Khergit being excellent horse archers and skirmishers balanced nicely with the D'Shars light/medium sword cavalry. 

  • Kingdom of Rhodoks
  • The Rhodok nation held the South Central lands of humanity. Their Northern boarder met the Kingdom of Swadia before their defeat, then the Vaegirs, and finally the Fierdsvain. Their Easter boarder was the Avrose river and their Western and Southern boarders met the Sarleon nation. The Rhodoks had a primarily defensive military sporting mostly shield and polearm wielding infantry and accurate fast crossbowmen. They had excellent anti-cavalry capabilities but lacked against infantry on infantry combat. Their polearms were two slow and unwieldy against the speed of trained swordsman on open ground, a problem the Rhodoks tried correcting too late. The Rhodoks also took to simply defending their lands rather than trying to extend them because of their excellent defensive capabilities. It was often said that you would have a better chance breaking a rock with your bare hands then sieging a Rhodok keep. However, after the fall of Swadia and Vaegir the Fierdsvain and Sarleon teamed up and assaulted the entire boarder of Rhodok, even building an impressive Navy to invade their Eastern boarder. Slowly but surely the combined effort of the Fierdsvain and Sarleon, both nations two times the size of the Rhodok, widdled the nation down until their formal surrender in 3584. The Rhodoks were the last nation to fall before present day. Holding out more than four hundred years after the fall of the other nations.

  • Kingdom of Swadia

The Kingdom of Swadia was a mighty and powerful nation state. Their heavy cavalry and infantry was the peak of shock and defensive troops. This however, came at a steep price, literally. Their troop upkeep was astronomical compaired to the other nations. This combined with their poor archers and their nations position all but signed their end. Swadia was located in the mid-west with their eastern boarder hugging the Arvose river. This location put their western boarder in contact with four warring nations, the Fierdsvain, Vaegir, Rhodok, and Sarleon not to mention the other six nations just across the river. The Kingdom of Swadia only made it a couple houndred years before they were crippled so badly they conceded, their lands being split up amongst the four nations on their western boarder. 

The Sarranid Sultanate is the second nomadic plains people to be absorbed by the D'Shar. Their heavy lanced cavalry, the staple of their forces, balanced out the D'Shars lighter close combat horseman. The Sarranid making excellent line breakers followed by the D'Shar mounted swordsman makes a powerful attack. 

The D'Shar Principalities are a proud and mercilous nomadic nation state. Their mounted warriors dominate the North Western plains. The Arvose river to their West, sea to their East, the Great Mountain Chain to their North, and the Great Goblin Marsh to the South makes for an incredibly easy area to defend when dealing with the slower heavier soldiers of the other nations. The lightning fast D'Shar sport excellent bladesman who are just as impressive with their jarids they throw before their sabres meet the opponent. Not to mention the other two nomadic nation states they bought out adding greater range with the Khergit archers, and heavier hitting charges with the Sarranid heavy cavalry. 

Feldreth Factions

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