Prophesy of Feldreth is a massive campaign designed for a new table-top system being created by me, Bennie Ramone. I am the setting designer creating the home world for our system to be play tested in and I am creating the mechanics for the D20 system.

The Prophesy of Feldreth is set on a super earth making room for nearly endless campaigns and quests. The Prophesy campaign itself starts on the continent of Feldreth, a land of strife and tyrants for all the various races that inhabit it.

A lot of names of places and people i have taken as tributes and easter eggs from all my favorite games/movie/shows. I do not claim ownership of anything trademarked or otherwise legally owned by another person or company, nor do i claim ownership of any name not of my own creation. A page will be made to give reverence and credit for anything used. If either the world or the D20 system should ever have the possibility of earning revenue, all creators of content used by me will be contacted and either permission given or names changed. WE WILL NOT MAKE MONEY OFF OTHERS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Finally, everything we have put into this that isnt ours is out of love for exceptional creativity and products. So please dont be butthurt, we love your shit so much we wanted to name our people and places after it and give you creators some praise for your hard work!

Prophesy of Feldreth