Samuel Du'Vrek



Level: 2
Class: Duelist
Mana Color: Blue
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 188lbs
HP: 57
HP Regeneration: 6/t
Mana: 16
Mana Regeneration: 4/t
Speed: 7
Jump: 3
Spell Deck: 32
Initiative: +8

Base Stats;
Strength: 19, mod: +4
Dexterity: 18, mod: +4
Endurance: 20, mod: +5
Constitution: 18, mod: +4
Wisdom: 16, mod: +3
Intelligence: 16, mod: +3
Charisma: 16, mod: +3

AC: 17
Fortitude: 17
Reflex: 17
Will: 13

Class Trait: +2 to attack rolls when duel wielding
Languages: Human, Common, High Elven, Telepathy
Armour Up 1: +1 to 2 defenses or +2 to 1
Life’s Gift: +1 HP Regen
Over Confident: +2 to attack roll when out-numbered or out-leveled
Power House: +2 to damage

Silver Wood Heraldic Leather,
Leather Gloves of Picking: +2 lock picking,
Hooded Cape of Secrecy: +2 hide,
Leather Boots of Feather Fall: no damage up to 30ft, half damage up to 60ft
Grass Sword of Exploit: +1 attack roll/ +2 damage vs. Light armour/ -2 damage vs. Heavy armour/ 6d damage
Spiked Warhammer: 6d damage with spike/ 4d damage with hammer but may cause unconsciousness
Lowly Health Charm: +10 health
Lesser Mana Regen Charm: +1 MR/t
Lesser Accuracy Amulet: +2 attack roll
Large Potion Belt: holds 9 potions
×6 Health
×3 Mana


Samuel is a charismatic young man with a deep passion for ruin diving and learning. He has a burning passion to recover the lost knowledge of humanities golden age. Samuel has been a part of the revolution since he was eight. He snook out one night after discovering a ruin in the woods outside his town. He was gone for two days exploring the long abandoned passages. When he returned he was apprehended by the town’s guard where they confiscated the book he had found before returning him home and punishing his parents with hard labor for a week for not watching him. However, his passion and skill in ruin diving did not go unnoticed. The revolutionary organization, The Silver Wood Freefolk, got word of him from agents working in their town. They approached the family and enlisted the parents as informants and the boy as a ruin diver, but also to become a warrior in their order. Samuel quickly learned the arts of ruin exploration and combat. By the time he was 12 he began his tutalige as an aspiring Knight of the Silver Wood. At 16 he had the full responsibilities of a knight even tho he wasn’t eligible to join until he was 18 and passed the trial of arms. 16 was also the first time he went into combat, sacking the guard and Lord of his families town where he took back his book and reunited with his parents. When his eighteenth birthday came he passed his trial of arms (defeating three of his brothers in 1v3 nonlethal combat) and became a full fledged Knight. That year was also the year that the king of the nation of Swadia sent his entire military might against the growing revolutionaries. The Silver Wood had enough time to hide the civilians and the huge cache of knowledge they had uncovered but decided they would fight and defend their keep. All but a small force sent to guard the civilians stayed including the entirety of the Silver Wood Knights. The Silver Wood force was outmatched nearly 100/1 but they had a secret weapon, the knowledge they had uncovered had put their weaponry, magic, and architecture leagues ahead of every human nation on the continent. However this still proved not to be enough to pull off a victory. In the ensuing battle both sides were almost entirely destroyed. The only Swadians to survive were the wounded laying amongst the dead. The Silver Wood faired only slightly better with only a handful of soldiers and 14 Knights making it out alive. The small force met up with the civilians and quickly dove into their books looking for somewhere safe to run and rebuild away from the lands of these tyrannical nations. They found the isle of Eastern Feldreth. They ran to the coast and built ships as quickly as they could to get them across the waterway. Four months later they reached the coast from which they sailed inland for two more. There Samuel and a fellow Knight Errik established the Silvermist. Samuel is now 22 years old and their fledgling nation has rebuilt, truely ready to liberate the human dominated Southern half of Feldreth.

Samuel Du'Vrek

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